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The Duc de la Rose is a legendary figure who distinguishes himself in the history of prestigious champagnes. According to the stories still told today, magnificent receptions were held in his country mansionwhere a magic atmosphere was created by his personalemblematic wine, the Duc de la Rose.

The Duc de la Rose used to organize his receptionsfollowingthetraditionsof“salonsàlafrançaise”, focusing on the pleasure of his guests and his own ambition to offer the most perfect touch of elegance.

That legend has been brought back to life in the shape of the bottles that bear his name. Chosen according to the strictest criteria, this champagne has a complex taste and singular aroma, developing a sublime range of flavors.

Every festive moment is, obviously, unique, and each bottle can be personalized to meet the exclusive requirements of a special celebration. Each bottle is certified by the producer, one of the most prestigious wineries of the champagne region, as the tradition requires.